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Warm weather means more bugs

February 27, 2006

Albany -- Last night, temperatures around South Georgia dipped below freezing, but that was one of the exceptions to the mild temperatures we've seen this winter. Though you may like the warmer weather, it may end up bugging you later on.

Cockroach. It's a word most of us don't want to hear, but worse than hearing the word is seeing the bug inside your home, and for every one you see there can be 200 more hiding and multiplying behind your walls, and unfortunately, because of the mild temperatures we've had this winter, you may see even more than you're used to in the coming months.

"If it's not cold, then we have a higher activity of pests. Indoor pests, ants, roaches, things of that nature," said Joe Ingles of Astro Pest Control. Especially when other natural sources are stacked up right next to your house, attracting more bugs, like roaches.

"Mainly picking up wood and debris that's around the house, just don't stack it up against your house, and mainly clean up around your beds and things like that," Ingles says.

One pest you may not think about, because you don't see them inside is the termite, but this year, be prepared. "They'll swarm sooner if we don't have cold weather. When it gets warm, then they're going to swarm. You're better off to treat something before you have a problem with subterranean termites than after."

And you're better off trying to deter ants than inviting them in. "They get in the house through trees touching the house and things like that," said Ingles.

Ingles says while termites and roaches will be an issue, your biggest problem this year may be ants, both fire ants, outside, and little black ants that may invade your house. To reduce the chance of them getting inside, you can check the seals on your doors and windows, but the best way to prevent their invasion is to check your shrubbery outside the home.

Here at WALB-TV, these trees, are about two feet from the building, which is what you want, so that ants don't climb off of them and onto the building and inside, but even if they do find their way in, you can have your home or business treated and the ants exterminated.

Typically, the first extermination treatment will be about $50.00, but subsequent treatments are about half the cost.

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