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Local teen aims high

February 25, 2006

Albany -- If you've been watching the Olympics, you've probably heard inspirational stories about athletes who've accomplished great things thanks to the support of their families. They may not win Olympic medals, but if you go to the Albany Civic Center this weekend you'll see some talented athletes and their supportive families.

One Westover High basketball player and his proud family stick together as he overcomes obstacles to reach his goal. Cedric Lewis is happy just to be back on the court as his Patriots enter the second round of the state playoffs.

"He had to sit out of a couple of games because he got a concussion," his mother Lavina Hills said. 

She was at the game when her son fell to the floor. "It was hard to see him down...but God knows best."

Hills calls the concussion a blessing in disguise for Cedric. He sat out two games, but now he's back on his game as Westover's point guard.

For Cedric, a supportive family and his faith get him through. "It's a great feeling to have your family here to support you. They've been here through the bad times and fortunately the good times."

Times like this big game that his proud father wouldn't miss. "It gives me a really big blood rush jumping up and down. Sometimes I have to calm down."

But for Cedric, the stands are anything but calm. He has five rows of family and friends showing him support.

Cedric says he wants to go to college in the fall and major in accounting or sports and medicine. And with the support from family and hard work, he's sure to make the goal.

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