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Albany leaders send tax concerns to lawmakers

February 23, 2006

Albany - Albany leaders want state lawmakers to know they oppose tax changes that will cost the city millions of dollars. City commissioners voted to send a letter voicing concerns about two bills that would change tax laws.

One bill would eliminate the business inventory tax, a tax on retailers' goods. Dougherty County's inventory tax is the second highest in the state, and it brings in $1.7 million to the city each year. The Mayor disagrees with commissioners. He wants the inventory tax eliminated.

"Taxes on your inventory are, kind of, really hard to get a hold on," said Dr. Willie Adams. "Sometimes there is a lot of shifting and games that take place. So it may be in the best interest, instead of trying to catch people who are gaming the system, to consider a small increase in property taxes."

The second bill would freeze property values. Essentially, the tax value of your home when you buy it would never change until you sold the home. Commissioners says if they lose tax revenue because of the bills, some city services would be in jeopardy.




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