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Marines test themselves in Warrior Competition

February 23, 2006

Dougherty County -- Marines at the Albany Logistics Base Thursday put themselves to the test, mentally and physically, in their Annual Warrior Competition.

Captain Paul Alvarado proves his Marine Infantry officer skills. Alvarado said "It's a lot of fun to get out here and change up the monotony of a desk job."

Captain Alvarado's everyday job is behind a desk. One of a handful of Infantry officers at the Albany base, Alvarado said the once a year Warrior Competition gives him and the other Albany Marines a chance to compete, "in a military fashion."

Teams of four Marines challenged the Obstacle course, pitting them against various obstacles and tests of strength and conditioning. Then running across the base to test their navigation skills, to the pistol range to test their marksmanship. Rowing zodiak boats around Covella Pond,to a final strength test of pull ups.

A chance for these desk job Marines to remember their combat skills. Captain Alvarado said "It may not be the exact same thing you are going to do over in Baghdad, Iraq, or Afghanistan, but all the skills we did today were pretty common place things you need to know in order to just survive and do what you need to do to accomplish the mission."

 All the Marines face these challenges with the clock running, to see which team could complete the Event first. Alvarado said "It builds their motivation and raises their Marine Corps spirit to be out, and do something as a Marine."

 All the Marines in the Warrior Competition say they are competitive, and enjoyed the chance to put themselves to the test for the day.

Captain Alvarado's Hard Chargers team won the Warrior Competition.


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