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Georgia practices statewide tornado drill

February 22, 2006

Albany-- Tornado warnings were issued across the state this morning, yet there was no severe weather. The statewide tornado drill is part of severe weather awareness week in Georgia. It was just after 9:30 a.m Wednesday morning, when faculty and students at Lake Park Elementary school are alerted to prepare for a tornado.

While the warning was only a drill, principal Catherine Whittfield says the situation still carries a very serious message that must be practiced. "it's like anything else you have to practice, so in case a real situation were to occur the children and the staff would know how to act with out thinking about it"said principal Whittfield.

 Students and teachers were all moved orderly into the hallways to help minimize the exposure to glass windows, and potential flying debris. Students then were told to crouch down and cover their heads, with their hands a simple action that could be a lifesaver. After about ten minutes, students are let back into classrooms as the all clear is given. Principal Whittfield said today's drill went well.

"Within four minutes all children were brought in from the outside buildings all classes were in position within four minutes, and we have close to seven hundred students. So I was very proud they reacted very well"said principal Whittfield. 

Remember as part of severe weather awareness week, you are encouraged to take the time to review what to do if a tornado strikes not only at school, but also while you are at home, at work, or in your car.

Severe weather awareness week runs through this saturday with Thursday highlighting tornado safety and Friday highlighting flooding.

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