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Psychic to help find Tara

February 22, 2006

Irwin Co - For four months, family, friends and law enforcers have searched for any signs of missing Irwin County teacher Tara Grinstead. Those searches have been fruitless, but they're not giving up hope. They're looking into another method to find the former beauty queen.

It was fall when Tara Grinstead disappeared. Halloween was just a few days away, but the dark holiday passed without any sign of Tara, casting a shadow over her 31st birthday, Thanksgiving, and even Christmas.

The only flowers sent to Tara's house for Valentine's day, arrived with the signs of Spring, but still there are no signs of Tara.

Brett Walker says, "We're really anxious because we want to know something, and see if she's okay, or if something's happened to her."

Almost every method known to man has been used to locate Tara: by foot, with dogs, from the air, and in the water, all without success.

Irwin Co. High School Principal Bobby Conner says, "I certainly would exhaust all efforts in trying to come up with some answers and the family and for us."

And they hope renowned psychic Carla Baron will bring those answers. She's coming to Ocilla to lend her help to the search, and tape segments for her show "Haunting Evidence" that will air on Court TV in June.

Walker says, "It's like there's a big hole in all our hearts here. It's an emptiness. I don't really believe in psychics and all that, but if she can help us get her back, then, that'll be great."

Conner says, "I can see their motivation in doing anything to try to get some answers to try and get some closure."

At Irwin County High School, the administration is trying to move on without forgetting Tara. Her classroom has been reassigned, another History teacher hired to fill her spot.

The Tara Search command post has moved from the Senior Center in Ocilla, to a portable building at the alternative school, but the number is still the same. If you have a tip, you can call it in at 229-468-0667. Two separate $100,000 rewards are offered in the case.


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