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Voter ID bus rolls through South Georgia

February 22, 2006

Bainbridge -- The state is once again back to requiring all voters to show a picture ID when they cast their ballot this year.

The GLOW Bus or Georgia Licensing Center On Wheels is traveling to communities that may not have access to a driver's license or ID center. The bus simply makes those IDs easier to come by.

Bainbridge doesn't have a state-licensing center, so people have to travel a distance to get an ID or renew their license. "I go about 20 some miles, either way to Colquitt or Thomasville," said Beulah Austin.

"It was real convenient, saved me a trip to Thomasville," said Arnold McClure.

Today that center came to them. The GLOW Bus or Georgia Licensing Center On Wheels parked in Bainbridge to offer free ID's for voters who might need them. "It's only issued to people who have never had an ID card in the state of Georgia or a Driver's license in the state of Georgia," said Driver's Examiner Kenneth Sherman.

Some people were turned away because they didn't have the proper information to prove they were Georgia residents. So if you plan to use the GLOW bus, there are some things you s should take with you. "Your birth certificate your Social Security number as well as proof of your address in the state of Georgia," Sherman said.

Customers can also register to vote in the center, but it's just a start to the process and must be followed up by mail. And the people who participated today said the process was simple.

"Oh yeah, yeah it went fine," Beulah said.

Arnold called it "Real efficient, it was real fast."

Using the GLOW Bus can also save you wait times, most people are on and off the bus in about the same time it may take you to order at a fast food restaurant, just five minutes.

To find out when the GLOW Bus may make a stop in your neighborhood you can simply log onto their website.

You can see where the GLOW bus will be later in the year by clicking here. You might want to check back often for updates.


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