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Morningside Church offers an exotic wildlife experience

February 22, 2006

Valdosta - It’s a hunter’s paradise, complete with world record deer, birds, and fish. There’s even a mounted bear and a mountain lion. "It’s just unbelievable really, until you see it you really can’t appreciate it," said Dixon Goff, Church Member.

The dining hall at Morningside Baptist Church has been turned into an exotic forest for the 10th annual Wild Game Supper.  It’s an event people in Valdosta look forward to all year. "People beg to come here every year, the tickets usually sell out in the first few days," said Goff.

About 2700 people bought tickets this year. Not only will they get to see exotic wildlife from all over the globe, they’ll also get to eat them.

You can taste everything from deer to fish, frog legs, and even bear here at the Wild Game Supper. But just how to you prepare enough of that food to feed 2700 people? "There’s a lot of preparation that goes on weeks ahead, as a lot of the meat is prepared that can be frozen then pulled out and reheated," said Tew.

And they make sure they cook enough so no one leaves hungry. "We probably cook somewhere close to 150 pounds of deer meat, we’ll cook maybe 900 pounds of frog legs, 1200 quail, yesterday we cooked 300 pounds of fish and that’s all just in one day," said Tew.

But behind all this wildlife entertainment, the church has an important mission. "A man may come to this that wouldn’t sit in a church service so we do this to bring men in and our main goal is to spread the gospel," said Goff.

And from the number of ticket sales this year, they’ll get to spread their message all over the community.


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