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Hotel wall smashed by truck

February 21, 2006

Albany -- A drunk driver crashes a truck into a crowded Albany motel, causing significant damage at the Sleep Inn on Dawson Road.

Around 2:30 last Thursday morning, Nathan Riehle mistakenly put his work truck into drive, instead of reverse, and barreled through the wall.

Luckily, no one was staying the hotel room. "We are so lucky. We were almost sold out, we had just five rooms left to sell that night. Since we sell the handicap rooms last, this was the last room to sell. Thank God, nobody showed up," said Manager Jaye Lomax.

The crash caused the motel's fire alarm to go off, waking up all the guests including an elderly woman who was staying just a few feet away in the adjacent room.

The manager isn't sure just how much it will cost the repair the damage. Riehle was a construction worker, from New York, who'd been staying at the motel for months, while working here. He was fired.

He wasn't charged with DUI because he was on private property, but he was charged with leaving the scene, after he tried to run away from police.


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