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Suspect surrenders after two-county chase

February 21, 2006

Cairo- Authorities have a man in jail after daring chase through Thomas and Grady Counties at speeds of up to 80 miles per hour. Two Sheriff's deputies tried to pull the man over for speeding, but he wouldn't pull over in the stolen vehicle.

Some law enforcement agencies have a no chase policy, the Grady County Sheriff's department doesn't agree and will pursue violators.

The dash camera of the patrol car captured an amazing chase. the driver tries to outrun the Grady County Sheriff's department at speeds of more than 80 miles per hour. Sergeant Robert Simmmons picked up this chase last night along Highway 93.

"I believe in chasing, I feel like it's important," said Sheriff Harry Young. "If you start letting people get by thinking they can outrun you or something, you're going to have a lot more trouble anytime something happens."

The chase continued, tight turns at 45 and 50 miles per hour through neighborhood streets. "Got him at 71 miles per hour just before he got to Broad Street up here, which is very dangerous at that time, very dangerous to anyone," Young said.

It's a danger Sheriff Young wants stopped, that's why he encourages his deputies to continue to pursue suspects like this when the conditions are right. "I'm a firm believer in chase, I think it's part of law enforcement our deputies are trained to drive, they go through what we call evate training."

And he has faith in his that training. "They know how to handle a vehicle, they know how fast to drive, what they can do in certain situations they've had training in this and I feel comfortable with them giving chase," Sheriff Young said.

So unless it's a pursuit through a high traffic area, where people may be in the streets or through a school zone during daylight hours, his deputies won't back down. "I feel like we're saving lives by giving chase because if something happens they get loose run into a house and hold somebody hostage or anything like that."

This driver's actions eventually caused him to wreck the car into a parked log truck. He escaped into this wooded area, but the Sheriff's says future evaders may not be as lucky.

Deputies and Cairo police officer's searched the wooded area for over two hours but were unable to find the man.

This afternoon, the suspect 23-year-old Jeremy Murray of Cairo turned himself into the Grady County Sheriff's Department. Murray faces a probation violation charge in Colquitt County but told the sheriff's department he bought the car.

The car was reported stolen from Moultrie, February 7th. Murray is expected to face additional charges.


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