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Identity Theft victim warns others

February 21, 2006

Albany -- Two weeks ago Mandy Benzing got a notice that her cell phone bill was overdue. She thought it was a mistake, because she doesn't even have a cell phone.

Then she found out a woman sent to her home by a health care company had stolen her identity and opened a cell phone account.

Benzing, the mother of two autistic sons, has a Certified Nursing Assistant from Ware Health Care Service come to her home four days a week.

In November Benzing says Jacqueline Bowman came as a temporary, while her regular C.N.A. was off. She stayed one day alone in the Benzing Home.

After learning that her identity had been stolen, the cell phones were traced back to Bowman, who was arrested Friday and charged with Financial Fraud.

Benzing said "I can't even afford a cell phone. And for someone to go out and get one in my name is very distressing. But the fact that it was someone who came in to take care of Kristofer. Not someone off the street, but someone who knew my situation, is more distressing."

Credit reporting agencies say they have found no other fraud using her identity yet, but it may take months to appear.

Now Benzing says she worries Bowman may have victimized other people she serviced for health care companies.

A Ware Health Care spokesperson Tuesday afternoon had no comment on Bowman's status with the company.


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