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Popular dog treat could be harmful to pets' health

February 20, 2006

Albany--The most popular dog treat in the country could be harmful to your pet. Greenies dental biscuits are blamed for at least thirteen dog death's nationwide.

It looks like a big, green tooth brush, but it's a popular treat, dogs go crazy for. "Mostly Nina is my biggest fan. Oscar likes them, but he likes to hide them. He doesn't want anybody else to have them," says pet owner, Laura Scott. She has been feeding her dogs Greenies for nearly two years.

"Every day they get one each," says Scott. Some vets argue that Greenies can easily become lodged in a dog's throat or intestine, but one south Georgia vet doesn't blame the product.

"I blame the behavior of the pet more than anything," says Dr. Ira Roth.

While some experts say the treat can be hard to chew, Dr. Roth says there's another reason why digesting the treat can be difficult.

"They're sitting there, chewing, chewing, chewing and just decide that they're just going to take the whole thing in," says Dr. Roth.

Greenies comes in several sizes, that's why, pet owner, Laura Scott knows to feed her dogs the right size treat.

"You don't want to give them a Greenie that's a petite, that's a couple of inches long because he will swallow it," says Scott. And as with Greenies or any other treat, Dr. Roth says you should always watch what your pets eat.

"If they're going to snap it right out of your hand and do like the pelican does with their fish, then these types of things are probably not appropriate," says Dr. Roth.

And this dog lover knows that first hand. "I've always watched personally with all of my dogs that's with any treat that I give them," says Scott.

And that watchful eye may help make sure this tasty treat doesn't become a deadly delicacy.

The maker of Greenies says they are safe and the benefits to your dog's teeth far outweigh any minor danger.

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