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Man turns himself in for shooting Sheriff's In-law

February 20, 2006

Baker County - The wounded man showed up at the Sheriff's house yesterday and said he'd been shot by his daughter's boyfriend.

It's a long way from Old Milford Highway in Baker County to the nearest hospital, so when Bailey Jay was shot there yesterday afternoon, he went to the nearest place he could think of for help.

Donnie Lee Butler says, "He did drive himself to the Sheriff's house to ask for help."

Help he would receive from Sheriff Isaac Anderson's wife, Flossie, who is also the victim's niece. Jay showed her wounds in his arm and side and told her he had been shot by Larry Bowens, his daughters live-in boyfriend. Flossie then called for help.

Butler says, "Spoke with the hospital earlier today, doing more tests. Everything looks like it's going to be okay at this time."

Glass shards remain on the ground where Jay was apparently shot through the passenger side window. Investigators say he was shot at least two times, possibly three, but they were only able to recover two shotgun shell casings. We found a third on the ground just a few yards away.

And around 3:30 Monday afternoon, investigators found suspect Larry Bowens, when he agreed to turn himself in. Butler says, "We're investigating it further, but justice will be done."

And answers found. Like why the shooting occurred between two men with no history of domestic problems. Larry Bowens is in the Baker County Jail. Charges, including aggravated assault, are pending.


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