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New Albany business spawned by Identity Theft crimes

February 20, 2006

Albany -- The threat of identity theft has started a new business in Albany. Businessmen faced with mountains of paper that by law has to be shredded, saw a need for bulk destruction of confidential documents.

Jay Kimbro's State Farm Insurance Agency creates huge amounts of paper work with confidential information on his clients.

Georgia law requires they be shredded. Kimbro said "Senate Bill 475 requires you to shred anything above and beyond what you can find in the phone book."

Perry Revell was in financial services, and saw the same need for every business in Georgia. Perry Revell said "I realize the amount of confidential information that clients were generating, there was a need for proper disposal of these documents."

So Revell and Kimbro started ShredEx, and now have a truck that shreds a business' confidential papers at once. Revell said "We actually shred all the documents on site before we leave the customer's property, giving them the highest level of document security available."

The shredder has a video camera so clients can see their documents are destroyed. All the shreds go in the back of the truck, and are recycled. That saves landfill waste, as well as making sure their client's are safeguarded.

Kimbro says it also keeps his employees doing their business. Jay Kimbro said "We can spend more time on customer service, instead of doing things like shredding paper."

ShredEx has been open for one month, and has already signed up 30 clients. Meeting the need of business to fight the nation's fastest growing crime, Identity theft.

 Perry Revell says now they shred more than 60-thousand pounds of paper a month,and expect that amount to grow quickly as they add new clients.


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