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Cyclist travels the country with message

February 19, 2006

Americus- Reverend Hans Myors is a man with a mission. He's preparing to make his 14th trip across the United States with a very important message after a couple of weeks of recuperating in Americus.

It was 13 years ago Sunday that Reverend Hans Myors began his journey from Portland, Oregon. Over the last 13 years, he's ridden more than 154,000 miles through every state. He rides with a mission.

"We have to put our faith into action," said Rev. Hans Myors, Pedal Prayers.

So, his action is riding with stops along the way to help others. Before arriving in Americus, Hans was helping with the cleanup from Katrina in Biloxi.

"I went there because they're in the process of rebuilding the church also they have a ministry there that they give out food and clothes and other good things to people so I helped out with that for a while," said Myors.

Hans hopes that others will learn by his example. The sign on the back of his bicycle says Pedal Prayers. Pedal is an acronym for Pray Every Day And Listen.

"In any given zip code in this country, 65 percent of any zip code do not have any personal relationship with God or Christ or the church," said Myors.

So, his mission is hopefully to inspire others to take action, as Christians.

"As I said don't just be talkers, be doers," said Myors.

Last year, Hans delivered that message to 60 church congregations across the United States and says he still feels the call of the open road.

"I don't know. I turn 50 in June, I don't know when I might be ending," said Myors.

For now, the plans include a trip to Florida and then back up the east coast, where Hans plans to continue lending a helping hand and spreading his mission of action.

This year, Hans plans to ride between 10,000 and 13,000 miles delivering his message. To keep track of his progress you can find a link to his website at



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