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South Georgia pastor returns from mission

February 19, 2006

Albany-- A South Georgia pastor is back home after a life-changing mission. Dr. Henry Brown spent several days and nights outreaching to the people and churches of West Africa. Now back home, he's already planning his next mission.

After hours of flying, Dr. Henry Brown is once again back home from yet another trip of many. "I'm just glad to be back home," says Dr. Henry Brown. He did missionary work in Russia, the Ukraine and the Bahamas but this time, he's back in Albany from a mission in Conakry, West Africa. It's the 21st country he's visited.

"We were there seventeen days," says Brown.

The seventeen days in the country were more than enough days away for family and friends. Armed with hugs and welcome home signs at the airport, they said hello again to who they call a hometown hero.

"When you're taken out of your comfort zone, taken out of what you're used to to go out and do what the Lord has called you to do, that says a lot about an individual," says son Levoski Brown.

On his mission, Brown fed people, helped many to start businesses and provided a sense of hope. "Guinea is one of the poorest countries in the world, poverty everywhere," says Brown.

Although he calls it God's work, he says he can relate to what sends him to many poverty-stricken countries. "I grew up very poor myself. I remembered having to pick cotton and pull corn and I think now from time to time, who would think God would bring this cotton picker to where he's brought me," says Brown.

Along with the where, there's also a what. That what, he says, is making a difference. "We in America been so blessed until we don't even realize how blessed we are and I tell my congregation, before you complain, go to Haiti or now I'll say go to Conakry, West Africa," says Brown.

For now, he'll return to his regular duties as pastor of "God's Hospital" church in Albany, quoting scriptures.

"Jesus said he was hungry and we didn't feed him. He was naked and we didn't clothe him," says Brown.

But always planned is another trip and another mission.

Dr. Brown helped to establish more than 30 churches in Haiti and more than a dozen in South Africa. He plans to visit Liberia next year.