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Search continues for Coffee County man

February 18, 2006

Coffee County-- The son of a former state senator was still missing as of Saturday night. 27-year-old Donnie LaVan Streat, Jr. hasn't been seen since Wednesday night. Law enforcement, family and friends have searched the area for the past few days and still no sign of the Coffee County man. They're asking for your help.

"It's not like him to disappear for this long and not call someone," says Streat's brother-in-law Seab Lastinger.

The family of 27-year-old Donnie LaVan Streat, Jr isn't giving up hope of finding him. He's been missing since Wednesday night. "He was supposed to be at a friend's house and never showed up," says Lastinger.

Streat left his job at the CSX Service Center in Waycross late that night. There is proof that he made atleast one stop. "We have record that sometime between 9 and 10 p.m Wednesday night that he purchased something at Flash Foods Convenience Store in Waycross," says Lastinger.

It was in Ware County that his Dodge pickup truck was found on Friday. "A person spotted his truck down a dirt road," says Lastinger. At about 5 p.m., the truck was found partially submerged in a pond on Pleasant Grove Road off of Beach Road in Ware County but there was no sign of Streat.

"The Georgia State Patrol had a helicopter out there with an infrared camera and a spotlight," says Lastinger. The Department of Natural Resources also dragged the area with nets and found nothing. Now, the family is still looking for answers.

"We couldn't think of anyone who who would want to harm him. He had no enemies so that's one of the tough things. We don't know what could have happened," says Lastinger. They want help from anyone who may have information.

"If anyone has seen him in the past few days or think they may have or know anybody they've seen him around, they can contact us," says Lastinger.

But the biggest contact they want is with their loved one. "Right now, everyone's trying to stay positive. We feel like there's all kinds of scenarios, you know, what if," says Lastinger.

They won't give up until the man they call "Little Van" is home again.

At this time, law enforcement is still treating the investigation as a missing person case. If you have any information, call the Bacon County Sheriff's Department at 912-632-2658 or The Community Automated Tip Line at 912-287-2924.



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