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Falling gas prices, good news for businesses

February 18, 2006

Albany- The average price of gas has gone down seven cents since January, pumping up sales for businesses and retailers.

Tim Underwood owns the Rocket in Albany. He says he's seen an increase in customers willing to spend more money. He had to increase his menu prices last year because of heightened gas prices in August. Despite lower fuel prices for now, menu prices will stay the same at the Rocket, because it takes months of low gas prices to even out costs at his business.

"If we do see a reduction drop in price it will take a little time for that to occur. Especially in the fact that we need to have a stability in the drop in price. not just one solid month of it we need to have two three or four months," said Tim Underwood, Rocket Restaurant Owner.

The price of diesel fuel is still at an all-time high. That means the cost of delivering products to Albany is another factor reflected in the cost to consumers.

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