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East Albany neighbors hope clean up effort will grow

February 18, 2006

Albany- Mattresses and garbage left along East Albany streets have frustrated some neighbors. Saturday, city commissioners, Keep Albany Dougherty Beautiful volunteers and neighbors joined forces to clean up at least one street.

Johnnie Pearl Hammond and neighbors along Barkley Boulevard were thrilled to see more than 30 volunteers armed with shovels. Volunteers hope the improvements will dig in and find roots.

"On the other street you come through there and you can see where people have gone down allies and have been dumping," said Johnnie Pearl Hammond, a Barkley Blvd. homeowner.

"It is a struggle because what will happen is we have an area clean, and it will be cleaned on Friday, and on Saturday the debris is back in the same area," said Councilwoman Dorothy Hubbard, Albany, Ward 2.

The city, Keep Albany Dougherty Beautiful, and neighbors hope that by planting 32 new trees and improving Barkley Boulevard the effort will take root and grow.

"It's more than just planting a tree when you're talking about, coming to a community like this. You're planting trees, but you're also planting hope," said Roger Mishoe, a volunteer.

"It's going to always be a struggle and I just have to keep at it and make sure that people are aware that it is illegal to throw things out of the cars and to leave things on the street," said Hubbard.

While the city is committed to improving the area for all, they say it can't be done alone.

"The city can not do it alone, nor can the citizen's do it alone, so it's going to mean it's a collaboration of working together," said Hubbard.

Neighbors hope today's work will make others stand up and notice how nice their street can be with a little effort.

"I hope it will be a notice for the other parts of the neighborhood to come together," said Hammond.

That it might cause someone to think twice before tossing aside their garbage. The price tag for Saturday's work, more than 900 dollars for the new Holly trees and man hours to dig the holes, but neighbors say it makes their street look like a million bucks.

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