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Bill requires parental consent for school clubs

February 17, 2006

Valdosta - Alison Rowell has a long list of extracurricular activities. "I'm in the Georgia Bridgemen, a drum major, I'm in the Beta Club and on the Academic Bowl Team," said Rowell.

She's never had to have parental consent to take part in those groups.. "It shouldn't be a big deal," said Rowell.

But that could change soon. The Georgia House approved a bill requiring students to get permission from their parents before they can be part of any school organization. "It basically applies to any extracurricular activity, clubs, any other student organization," said Wes Taylor, Lowndes High School Principal.

Many educators here in Lowndes County feel like it's a waste of legislation. LHS Principal Wes Taylor says there's a lot more important issues in education that should take priority over this one. "There's several funding issues out there right now, there are many more bills that will have a greater impact on what we do with kids on a day-to-day basis than this particular one," said Taylor

And students have strong opinions too. "I think they should be able to partake in anything they want if they're able to make the decision and pay for it themselves," said Jared Smith.

"I would think most high schoolers wouldn't want their parents to have to sign for clubs just because it's completely unnecessary for clubs at school," said Rowell.

But not all students are against the measure. "Everyone should get their parents' permission, because if something was to happen and they tried to sue, they'd have a harder time, because they'd already have their parents' permission," said Lynn Williams, Senior.

The bill passed by a 143 to 25 vote in the house. It now heads to the Senate.


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