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Another court loss for Phoebe

February 17, 2006

Albany -- A jury finds that phoebe putney hospital must pay over $2 million in a lawsuit involving an eight-year old girl. The eight year old Albany girl has been awarded two point two million dollars in the lawsuit, filed against Phoebe Putney Hospital.

When Jessica Ramsey was born prematurely at Phoebe Putney, her arm was taped down for an I.V. but the tape was applied too tightly. That cut off the blood flow to her fingers, and, as a result, four fingers on her left hand had to be amputated.

Her family sued the hospital and in September, a jury awarded them $2.8 million.

That verdict was thrown out on a technicality, so the case went back to trial. This week a jury awarded her $2.2 million.


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