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T'ville going wireless

February 16, 2006

Thomasville, Georgia-- The City of Thomasville is starting to form a wireless network that will streamline operations.

The new network isn't going to blanket the entire city right off the bat. There'll be a test run which will cover downtown, on broad street, as well as Jackson and Madison Streets.

Donnie Carter is just one of the line technicians who handle thousands of work orders in Thomasville each month. "We have to fill the orders out, keep up with them, and send them back in; takes a lot of effort to keep up with everything," says Carter.

But soon, Carter's life will get easier, no more paper piles or garbled radio messages. The city is streamlining by creating a wireless network. "To facilitate our utilities operations, our public works, and our public safety areas," says Assistant City Manager of Utilities, Don Atkinson.

For the police department, the network will speed up the connection of patrol cars' mobile data terminals. Like the other departments, that equals faster response times. "All of our fiber optics connect our major facilities together, but we don't have any connectivity today out to the vehicles," says Atkinson.

Applications will be run and stored on centralized servers downtown. The cost of the first phase is $95,000. "Anytime you can do anything electronically in today's times, you're going to be more efficient," says Atkinson.

Something that will allow linemen like Carter to fix your problems faster than ever. "Once we get this system going it'll be a lot easier," says Carter. That should happen around June, when the first test run starts.

There's an added bonus for computer users. If you already have a Rosenet account, you'll be able to use the wireless network free. If not, you'll be charged a small fee. Once the trial run is finished, Thomasville plans to expand the network to strategic locations throughout the city.

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