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Rodeo is ready to rock the CC

February 16, 2006

Albany - The Albany Civic Center is becoming a busy place. In the last three weeks, There've only been two days that there hasn't been an event at either the Civic Center or Municipal Auditorium.

For years, people have criticized the venue for a lack of events. Bad business eventually lead to the firing of Civic Center Director Mattie Goddard. Now, the staff is working harder to promote the venue, and it seems to be working.

Now the Civic Center is gearing up for a bull riding rodeo. Friday night, 40 of the world's best cowboys will be riding some of the biggest and meanest bulls around. The rodeo is the latest in a string of events held at the civic center.

It took 50 dump trucks packed of dirt to start transforming the civic center into a rodeo arena. 80 cowboys, 55 bulls, and eight seconds of glory, which makes for a wild ride for spectators too.

There are 600 yards of dirt in here," said Frontier Rodeo Manager Marvin Wycuff. "I'll put the bull riders over here in another spot. It's an adrenaline junkie's ultimate. They can expect lots of action, rock and roll music. It's like WWF wrestling, except with bulls."

City Manager Alfred Lott says to buck up business at the venue, he and the civic center staff now meet weekly. "There is something going on all the time now. Where I pushed them to get more and more events, and a broader range of events. Hip Hop, R&B, country, bull riding, everything we thought the folks within 100 miles of this town would like to see," Lott said.

"I was pretty impressed," said the rodeo manager.

Interim Director Roger Burnett says getting more business means offering better deals. "We're trying to make a little bit better deals with promoters. We're trying to get some new promoters into our facility."

Promoters like Frontier Rodeo Company, which promises to bring in big bulls, big crowds and big money for the city.

The events don't end with the final bull rider Saturday night. There a big basketball tournament scheduled for next week and of course, country music legend George Jones is coming soon too.

As for the bull riding competition, doors open Friday and Saturday nights at 7:00, with the action starting around 8:00. Tickets range from $12 to $32.00.


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