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"Eggs" traordinary large egg found in Worth County

February 15, 2006

Worth County- When you buy a dozen of eggs at the grocery store, you can pick the size you want, medium, large, or extra large. Nothing compares to what a Worth County man found in his hen house this Monday.

Glen Holden and his family enjoy the free range chickens in the family's backyard.

"We have about 60 and they're pretty much pets, plus we get the bonus of the eggs," said Glenn Holden.

Those chickens lay between 28 and 35 eggs a day that usually look like what you find on the grocer's shelf. But look what they found Monday.

"I'd just never seen an egg that big, so we went inside and started comparing it and weighing it and all and it was a rather unusual egg," said Holden.

Compared to what Glenn normally finds, this seems to be the "eggception" to the rule.

"It's probably better than double," said Holden.

So, we went to the tape.

"It's a little bit over three inches," said Holden.

A normal large egg measures two and a quarter inches. This egg is also about six and three quarters of an inch around, compared to the five and a half inches on a normal egg.

"It's a big egg so, I just couldn't believe it, It's the biggest one I've ever seen from a chicken," said Holden.

The Holdens aren't sure which chicken created the egg.

"We think it was one of our dark Braham ones because they're the largest hens we have but, it's hard to say who did it," said Glenn.

They're convinced, whoever laid this egg is happy, since happier chickens lay more eggs. "She had to be, to do that," said Holden.

And the eggs fate, well that has yet to be decided.

"We're debating on it so, what we're going to do. I told them, we're probably going to eat it," said Holden.

While the Holdens aren't sure if they've got a record-setting egg, they plan to check into the record before it ends up on the table. The Holdens have more than ten different chicken breeds.

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