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Cooper tires recalled

February 14, 2006
by Nicole Johnson

Albany -- Nearly 300,000 Cooper tires are being recalled. More than half of them were made right here in Albany. There's concern that the 14 models of Cooper tires either have slow leaks or cracks in the sidewalls.

There've been no injuries reported, but the company is recalling the tires just in case.

Cooper Tires makes 40 million tires a year and now they're recalling 288,000 of them. Twelve models are being recalled because of slow leaks; two other models are being called back because of sidewall cracking.

Both can be hazardous. “Cracked tires can separate and lose air suddenly and cause a wreck or problem or you lose control,” says Service Manager Larry Connell.

183,000 of the recalled tires were made right here in Albany at the Cooper Tire Plant. They were made between February 2004 and January 2005. They're being recalled because of a slow leak that may have been caused by a contaminant in the upper sidewall. It's the largest recall of tires from this plant since it opened 15 years ago.

104,000 tires made at other Cooper plants are being recalled because of sidewall cracking.

In a statement this afternoon, Cooper Tire's headquarters in Ohio said: "Our vigilance and constant attention to safety found this condition and we reacted quickly to identify the issue and recall the tires."

The tires were made between November 2004 and July 2005. If you're not sure whether your tires are affected, the recalled tires are:

Cooper Discoverer S/T
Dean Mud Terrain Radial
SXT Durango Radial
XTR Mastercraft Courser
C/T Dick Cepek Radial
Pro Comp Xtreme A/T
Tempra Trailcutter Radial RT
Dean Alpha 365 A/S
Mastercraft A/S
Starfire Flight-line IV
Trendsetter SE Cooper
Zeon 2XS
Mastercraft Avenger ZHP

And even if you don't use Cooper Tires, it's a good idea to keep an eye on any tires on your vehicle. “Most people don't check their tires properly as they should,” Connell said.

And if you do own the recalled Cooper tires, the company will replace them free. If you have these recalled tires on your car, you should avoid driving at highway speeds until the tires have been inspected or replaced.


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