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Thieves stealing racks of newspapers

February 14, 2006

Thomasville, Georgia-- Newspaper carriers in Thomas County are fighting back against thieves.

Michaelyn Livings has been a newspaper carrier for 17 years now. But for the past eight months she hasn’t been making the pay she used to. "When a rack door opens, only one paper should come out. If more than one comes out, you just witnessed a theft," says Livings.

Newspaper thefts have been increasing in Thomas County. Not one or two papers, but whole racks. "A lot of people are stealing them for the coupons," says Livings. And the thefts aren’t happening in just part of the county. "All over, all over," she adds.

The thieves take every title, but only pay for one of each- money in their pocket, and out of Livings. Carriers pay for the papers. "They have lost the cost and the profit," says Livings.

At least three of the thefts happened at the Jackrabbit Foods convenience store on Smith Avenue. A stack of police reports shows that stands along West Jackson have also been targeted. "The thieves could actually go across the state line into Florida and sell the Atlanta Journals and Constitutions because they do not keep paper boxes down there," says Thomasville Police Sergeant, Rachelle Denmark.

So far, two people have been arrested, Robin Turner and Bob Moore. Both are charged with theft by taking. Warrants have been issued for other suspects. "Be honorable. People can be better than that. Just pay for the paper. We work very hard," says Livings. Unfortunately, so do the thieves. The thefts mostly happen overnight or early morning.

Stealing papers doesn’t mean whoever’s responsible will face one charge. Police say they’ll hit thieves with separate counts for each paper taken.


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