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Diamonds are a girl's best friend

February 13, 2006

Albany- Many men are making bigger purchases this Valentine's Day. Jewelry is a popular gift, and not surprisingly, diamonds top the best-sellers list.

Finding the perfect diamond, however isn't as simple as saying I love you. Buying a diamond can be confusing, just ask any man.

"I don't know nothing about no diamonds, to be honest," said Darrell Bryant. "The bigger the better, quality, carat," said Lee Gazaway. "I would probably be apprehensive about that because I don't know a lot about it you know, I would be relying on them I guess," said Garvin Akridge.

So, we asked the expert to give us a crash course for those diamonds in the rough. In fact, this is how they start out.

"Most diamond crystals are very similar to two pyramids back to back," said Chuck Roberts, John Ross Jewelers Owner.

To get started, basically you need to know what cut or what shape she wants.

"The worst thing in the world would be to have her look on her left hand everyday and think about you buying the wrong thing for her," said Roberts.

There are many cuts, the most popular, the round, but gaining in popularity are the Azure, Princess, Marquee, Phoenix, and Oval. Once you know the shape, you'll want to check the diamond's clarity. A jeweler can help you check for any inclusions, or marks that make the diamond unique.

"It can be all the way from black carbon to just some white spots," said Roberts.

Next, check for color or any discolored spots. Most diamonds show some traces of body color. Intensely colored diamonds are very rare and more expensive. The coloring is caused by impurities in the diamond.

"If they have enough color and they're considered a fancy, they're worth a lot of money, that's worth a lot of money, that's worth more than this two carat," said Roberts.

And lastly the carat, and size does matter. One carat is the most popular size. And guys a tip, a one carat oval ring looks a lot bigger than a one carat round.

"You want the cut the clarity, everything to be right in it, but for the same buck you're going to get a bigger look," said Roberts.

Despite all the lessons, jewelers recommend hinting around before making that big purchase because it ultimately comes down to her likes and dislikes.

"It's important that what she has she likes, that's probably the biggest key of all," said Roberts.

Okay, so diamonds are a little too rich for your blood. Jewelers also recommend buying something more personal like birth stone jewelry. A complete list of birthstones can be found below.

January- Garnet

February- Amethyst

March- Aquamarine, Bloodstone

April- Diamond

May- Emerald

June- Pearl, Alexandrite, Moonstone

July- Ruby

August- Peridot, Sardonyx

September- Sapphire

October- Opal, Tourmaline

November- Topaz

December- Turquoise, Zircon


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