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School emergency plan revised

February 13, 2006

Donalsonville, Georgia-- Georgia’s Office of Homeland Security and state Emergency Management Agency is recognizing Seminole County's school system. It just implemented a newly revised safety plan, something each school in Georgia must do.

"What we have tried to do, and most systems have done, is to have a system plan and then you individualize it based on the individual schools," says Superintendent, Walter Pierce.

In Seminole’s case, two schools. At a board meeting Monday night, state emergency management officials recognized the improvements. "It has been approved by GEMA. We have two years that this will be in place," says Pierce.

The plan covers eight primary scenarios, each of which has protocol for response. They are: natural disasters, hazardous materials, radiological incidents, acts of violence or terrorism, security issues, transportation, accidents, and emergencies at school functions.

It’s a partnership with the county. "Certain things like evacuations and things like that we would go with them because they’re in charge of things like that," says Pierce.

And just like Seminole’s schools, every system in the state has to have an emergency plan- for one main reason. "Quick thinking and good procedures will help you in many difficult situations," says Pierce. For Seminole’s students, the most likely are weather related.

After this plan expires in two years, it will be reevaluated by the state. The county will then form a new plan based on the recommendations.


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