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Mixed drinks served up on Cordele referendum

February 13, 2006

Cordele - At Los Compadres in Cordele, you can have a Corona with your tostada, and a margarita with your tortilla, just hold the tequila. Janet Xicotencatl says, "We make it with Agave wine."

Wine, not tequila, because right now, restaurants in Cordele are not allowed to serve liquor. But that may soon change. "(Would you like to be able to sell liquor?) "Yes," says Janet, "because we can sell more and we are going to go up (going to make more money?). Yes."

But others don't want the change poured into the city. Happi Keenan with the Crisp Area Ministerial Association says, "It causes pain, it causes loss, it causes death."

Bibles in hands, prayers in hearts, the group is spreading its message. Keenan says, "The message is we don't agree to liquor by the drink. We don't agree with liquor in any way, any form. Alcohol, according to the word of God is dangerous and harmful."

Fred Jones, a Minister, says, "I'm concerned from a biblical perspective. I want people to recognize their need to live a life that honors God and pleases God and indulging in alcohol is detrimental to that."

But allowing the sale of alcohol would be beneficial to Los Compadres, and the voters will decide. Liquor is sold in package stores, but liquor by the drink sales are currently prohibited. The referendum is March 21st.

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