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Florists ready for busiest day

February 12, 2006

Albany- Last year, 180 million roses were produced for Valentine's Day. It's no wonder that Valentine's Day is the number one holiday for florists. South Georgia florists were busy today getting orders ready for Tuesday.

Usually Martha's Flowers is closed Sunday, the store quiet and Martha's in church, but not this Sunday. With two days until Valentine's Day the shop like many others is bustling with activity. They've been preparing for Tuesday for about a month.

"We start with like plants and stuff probably two weeks early, because they can be put in water and everything is good. We do the cut flowers probably a couple of days ahead," said Martha Jones, Martha's Flowers Owner.

"We pre-book our flowers, therefore whenever we have a customer that calls in to say, do you have a chocolate rose, we can say yes, how many do you need?" said Sherry Perry, Martha's Flowers.

Work to fill all of the orders started Saturday. Orders placed are made up and kept in the cooler with plenty of water to keep them fresh. Many are special request, a certain color rose or hand picked bouquets of flowers.

"Different colors have different meanings and so forth, like I was saying the red is for love and white, eternity and purple is for passion and it goes on and on," said Perry.

There's still a lot of work to be done and more orders expected to come in. Martha ordered more than 1,100 roses just for Valentine's Day, all those roses need to be dethorned, places in greenery, and arranged before they can go out the door.

"Whenever Valentines Day is over with we won't have anything left in the cooler," said Perry.

Because, everyone like to get a little something for Valentine's Day.

"Even if it's one single rose along with a box of candy or a bear, just something. It means so much to them to know that they were thought of," said Perry.

There are always those who wait until the last minute to place an order, Martha expects to have many stop by her shop on Tuesday afternoon looking to take something home. She's also hired several extra delivery drivers to make sure everyone gets their bouquet on time.