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New job center expected to put a million back into Albany economy

February 11, 2006

Albany- A new career center expects to help more than 110 people find jobs and put more than 1.5 million dollars back into the Albany economy by the end of the year. It's the first Goodwill Career Center of it's kind in southwest Georgia.

Albany's two Goodwill stores have combined into one new location on North Slappey Boulevard, but you can find more than clothes at this store. The store has a career center that offers a variety of resources for those looking for work.

"A computer bank where they can come in and do a job search, they can work on their resume, they can work on entruprenuership, like if they want to start a small business they can get background information on that," said Drenda Davis Jackson, Goodwill Career Center Manager.

Job applicants can check a job board, create a resume at one of seven work stations, fax that resume to an employeer and call to make sure they got it, all at minimal cost or free.

"What we try to do is make it so it's self help, we don't do everything for them so what we try to do is get them, if they're not use to using a computer, we try to get them use to using the computer," said Davis Jackson.

The new center is also employeer friendly.

"If they want to come in and hold a career fair here, they can hold a career fair here, they can do the interviews here, they can use it as a place where they actually submit the information for employment," said Davis Jackson.

While many of the services are free, you don't have to look far to find the center's funding source.

"All of this has been made available by the public, it's through their donations that this center has been able to be brought about," said Davis Jackson.

The center will also give back. It's expected to return more than 1.5 million dollars to Albany's economy, that's just in the first year.

"It shows that Albany is a very caring community, to where it does support these organizations that are actually trying to help people who are trying to help themselves and it's great because it's the first one in southwest Georgia region," said Davis Jackson.

Another center will be opened soon in Valdosta and Columbus is expected to get similar services later this year. The center is open now, but will hold it's Grand Opening Tuesday. The Career Center will also offer extended hours on Thursday and Saturday.