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Governor proclaims Fire Awareness Week

February 10, 2006

Albany -- Governor Sonny Perdue is helping raise awareness about the importance of fire to keep Georgia Forests healthy. He proclaimed this Prescribed Fire Awareness Week.

The Georgia Forestry Commission, and members of the Southwest Georgia Prescribed Fire Council came together today to show the importance of fighting fire with fire. It reduces destructive forest fires and helps the health of plants and animals that inhabit these areas.

"These are ecological communities of a lot of today rare plants and animals, but it includes animals such as the bobwhite quail, the Eastern Indigo Snake, the Gopher Tortoise, and animals that are dependant on fire for their very existence and to maintain the habitat," said Lindsay Boring.

The Georgia Forestry Commission wants you to know that smoke management plans are used for prescribed burns, so smoke-sensitive areas like roads and residences are not negatively affected.

The forest service asks everyone to call their offices to obtain a permit before burning.


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