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Woman saved by police

February 10, 2006

Thomasville, Georgia-- A Thomasville woman will live another day thanks to two police officers.

"This is where the stove goes, right there," says Donna Williams, pointing to a bare spot in her kitchen. But the stove isn't there, because it's outside where firefighters left it Thursday afternoon.

"The neighbors called the fire department. They seen all the smoke," says Williams. It originated from the stove, which had caught fire in the kitchen. The smoke was so thick it knocked Williams out.

"They say I could have died," says Williams. Two Thomasville police officers saved her life. "They broke in the window to get in," says Williams. But it was locked.

The front of the house became the only option for Officers Peter Ransdell and Waylon Parker. "They had to break in through the window and take out the air conditioning," says Williams.

Williams was pulled through the same window. The house was also saved- the least important part for Williams' children. "I thought I would have lost my mama," says Morris Carter. "Thank God. Losing a member of your family, that'd be hard," adds his sister, Amelia Cooper. "I got another chance in life," says Williams. And, yes, another chance to cook again. Williams landlord will fix the damage.

Williams was taken to Archbold hospital to be checked out. But, the only treatment she needed was a little oxygen.

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