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Red Cross recognizes heroes

February 10, 2006

Valdosta - Bobby Tucker has given more blood and platelets in the last 10 years than most people will give in a lifetime. "I’ve gone over 100 donations," said Tucker.

One hundred and seventeen donations to be exact, donations that have helped save countless lives. "When you come off the table, you really feel like you’ve helped somebody, even though you don’t know who’s going to end up with your platelets," said Tucker.

Gwyn Thornton feels the same way. That’s why she’s given almost 11 gallons. "The main thing I think of is the little kids who are sick, have cancer of lukemia," said Thornton.

With more donors like these, there would be no such thing as a blood shortage. That’s why the American Red Cross is honoring them with their annual donor awards. "They make the difference is someone having another day, another hug, another dance with a loved one," said Robbin Miller.

Each received a plaque for the efforts and their names now hang on the wall at the Red Cross, and while the recognition is nice, these donors say it pales in comparison to the real reward. "I don’t to this for a me thing, so the donations are secondary, you do it for the people out there who can’t do for themselves," said Tucker.

People who are alive today, thanks to donors like them.


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