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Construction site leaks into pond

February 9, 2006

Albany-- Dougherty County Public Works crews are cleaning up a hazardous spill, an oil based primer leaked into a ditch and a pond near the Albany airport. The County contracted with construction workers to put the primer on concrete at a new commercial drivers license training site.

Then last Thursday's heavy rain caused residue from the primer to runoff into a drainage ditch. Public works officials say the primer is not a threat and will be removed from the area this week.

"We learned about the affected area yesterday, we got crews in here cleaning it up. We have this site cleaned up now, then we are working on the pond site, and the ditch site as we speak, so we are anticipating this week that we will have the whole site cleaned up" said Larry Cook Director of Dougherty County Public Works.

The commercial drivers license site will be located on Oakridge Drive just west of South Slappey Boulevard.

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