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Eight Hispanics robbed, two shot

February 9, 2006

Colquitt County - Knight's Mobile Home Park on Circle Road is primarily made up of Hispanics, many of which don't have bank accounts, and keep all their money on them in the form of cash.

"I think they should put in the bank. A lot of them don't trust banks, but I think they need to put it in the bank," says Capt. Hal Suber of the Colquitt County Sheriff's Office.

But if saying that isn't good enough, maybe hearing what happened to eight people around 10:20 last night will be. Capt. Suber says, "When we got out there, we found eight Hispanic people living in a trailer. Two of them shot in the leg and one of them had been hit in the head with a pistol and robbed."

According to the victims, their attackers were black, just like the suspects in last years home invasions, who shot and killed six people in Tift County and seriously wounded two others in Colquitt County.

Suber says there have been about 12 similar robberies in the past year. "Are they all black on Hispanic?" "All black on Hispanic." "Why do you think that is?" "Easy Prey. They know Hispanics don't like police and sometimes they don't even report it."

The Motive, all that cash money. "Robbery, money. Cash? Cash." Which seemed to be the motive for the murders we had just last year. Suber says, "Right. We're looking into it. We haven't tied this together yet, but we're looking into it to see if it is tied together."

They're also looking into whether these crimes could be based on more than money. Could they be crimes of hate? "Right now," says Suber, "It just looks like money, robbery, but we're not ruling that out either."

The attackers got away with several hundred dollars in cash, and without the victims spotting the get-a-way car. Both of the men shot will be fine.

Investigators say the victims did not know their attackers, and that the invasion was not drug related.

If you have any information about who could be responsible for the shootings, call the Colquitt County Sheriff's Office at 229-616-7466.

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