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Local company hopes for international business

February 8, 2006

Albany -- An Albany manufacturing company is expanding it's business over seas, and hopes to become a big player in the world market place. Just what is it that this twenty-six year old Albany-based business produce.

James Whitten, president of Industrial Manufacturing is showing off his automated electronic condom testing machine to some international customers.

The company has been selling the test equipment to American customers since 1993, but with the help of Korea's Unidus Corporation, they hope to break into the world market. "Were really expecting to be a dominant player in the world market as well, the American market is a small part of the world market," said Whitten.

Unidus Managing Director Bong Sam Lee says this machine will help his company's efforts to become more cost efficient. "The machines can help us reduce our workers," Lee says.

The Korean executives are visiting the Albany based business to get a first hand look at the machines effectiveness, and will be Industrial Manufacturing's first international sale. "We are satisfied with its operations and its functions," said Lee.

Industrial manufacturing of Albany currently employs about eighty workers, and has hopes of needing to hire more as the electronic condom testing machine hits the world marketplace.

The machine can check 95 condoms per minute and allows manufacturers to cut down on costs, and deliver a superior quality product.

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