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Goddard meets Lott to save job

February 8, 2006

Albany-- This is the day when embattled Civic Center Director Mattie Goddard should find out if she gets to keep her job. In a closed hearing Tuesday, Goddard and her attorney tried to convince city manager Alfred Lott not to fire her.

After the hearing, Lott wouldn't say whether he'll stick with his plan to fire Goddard.

"I owe them a response tomorrow as a result of this. Otherwise, I've got nothing else to say," says Alfred Lott.

"In all these years she basically had no disciplinary actions," says King.

Attorney Maurice King says the city has no just cause to fire Goddard, and claims that Lott was not open to the evidence presented today.

"One of the problems we had is that he had already issued a decision, he's going to be the decision maker," says King.

Goddard has worked at the civic center for 22 years. If Goddard is fired, King plans to sue the city. "City employees have a property interest in their continued employment, and they can only be terminated for cause, that's one of the issues that we'll definitely pursue," he says.

King says if Lott fires Goddard, it could have a negative impact on other city workers and prospective employees. "What sense would it make to come and work, if the pay is low, and you can be fired at a whim? Why would you do it? In this whole situation that is something that city officials need to be aware of," says King.

Goddard filed an EEOC complaint claiming Lott discriminated against her because of her race, age, and, gender.

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