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ABAC orientation shows students the ropes

February 7, 2006

Albany- These two friends Amanda Reck and Jamie Young are only two of the 1,200 students visiting Abraham Baldwin college today for Open campus. The two traveled from Florida and using information learned today, have already picked out their majors.

Amanda Reck says, "I want to do actually a double major, I want to do lifestock health and animal science." Jamie Young says, "Do AG education, I've shown cows since middle school and that's my passion."

Their checklist for success when choosing a college according to Jamie Young, "Definitely the academic aspects of it you want somewhere that has a good system teachers, more about the people if they are friendly especially if you are going away from home you don't want to go to a place where people aren't very friendly and they won't accept you."

Amanda Reck says, "Class sizes, tuition and the environment just whether or not their will be a lot of chaos around, whether or not things are going to be easy to go. Majors that are around as for the school."

Michael Chason says, "The best thing about ABAC you can come here and major in a turf management you can major in the largest technology in the nation.

Students were also given a chance to take a bus or walking tour of the campus and facilities. Chason says ABAC apartments, small class sizes, and various majors are key factors in enrollment.

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