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New assistant city manager; Commissioners discuss local preference

February 7, 2006

Albany - A forerunner in the fight to save the Albany Marine base will soon be the new assistant city manager. Commissioners voted to hire James Taylor as a second assistant city manager. He was the Chamber of Commerce Military Affairs Expert.

Taylor will supervise five departments: Engineering, public works, planning, community and economic development and transit. Current Assistant City Manager, Kevin Hogencamp, will handle the rest of the departments.

Taylor will likely start February 13th and will make around $76,000.

Once again, Albany commissioners are considering giving area businesses a leg up on competition when it comes to bidding for city services and equipment. Almost annually, city commissioners discuss whether to establish local preference to keep local tax money from going to out of town businesses.

It would set up a 2%. Even if the local bid is higher, the business would be awarded the city contract if its within 2% of its out-of town competitor's price. Each year, the city staff says local preference often deters out-of town businesses from bidding which could cost the city big money in the long run.

"We don't need a local preference because competition is best for any community," said Stephen Collier, City Procurement.

Commissioners asked the staff for information from surrounding cities to see how local preference has effected their bids. No decision was made at Tuesday's work session.

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