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Robberies just won't stop

February 6, 2006

Albany- Albany Police are investigating the latest in a string of armed robberies at convenience stores.

Just after nine Monday night a young man wearing a ski mask came into the HomeRun Foods Store on Gillionville Road with a stick that looked like an ax handle. He went right to the register and demanded money. Over the last month, police say the number of night time armed robberies is up.

"It's been evenly distributed, it's been on all sides of town no where in particular and no particular side of town that is targeted. So, right now, that makes it a little more difficult for us. Like I said, we're trying to gather as much information as possible," said Lt. Eddie James, APD.

Police say, in all the cases, the suspects are in and out quickly, about 40 seconds at most. No one was injured tonight, and the suspect was not caught.



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