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Super Bowl Sunday in the Good Life City

February 5, 2006

Albany-- It's the biggest game of the football season. Football fans all over the country have been counting down to the face-off between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Seattle Seahawks. South Georgians made the best of it and while many played, others worked hard.

When Super Bowl Sunday kicks off, there's always a list to make sure you have everything you need for a complete experience. "It's a lot of people having a good time," says Kenny Miller.

You have your big screen television, the company of good friends along with beer, food and fun. "Just food and a big tv, thats all you need to have," says Nick Belise. Many fans sit and debate on who's team will win. "If the Seahawks win, I'll be glad," says Belise. "We just came out to support the Steelers fans that's all," says Latoya Wooden.

But while fans debate, waitress Ashley Shuler figures out how to get fans' orders to them quick, fast and in a hurry. "We have to make sure we get it out. As soon as they put it in the window, we get it out," says Shuler.

For Shuler, Super Bowl Sunday means super fast walking, talking, and serving. "It's real busy, extremely busy," says Shuler. It's her second Super Bowl Sunday as a waitress, a day she says requires some extra preparation.

"You deal with so many different personalities so you have to get your mind right," says Shuler. Through it all her personality stays bright. "Smile, smile, just go around smiling acting crazy," says Shuler. Plates full of food stay hot. Pitchers stay full and of course the debates still continue.

"Pittsburgh won it in '80. The Seahawks never won it. I want the Seahawks to get it this year," says Belise.

"If my team wins, I think we'll all celebrate by going out. Again," says Lacresha Huffman. When fans come back next year, they'll be greeted with that extra addition that made the game a win for everyone.

"Easy customers, always easy customers," says Shuler.



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