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No traffic stop is routine

February 4, 2006

Albany- Much like Crisp County Deputy Steven Rankin, State Troopers make many traffic stops everyday. Each one of those stops is considered a dangerous situation. That's why they say their job should never be considered routine.

They're sworn to protect and serve and every day a law enforcement officer goes to work, they know they could be placing themselves in harms way.

"Everyday that you put this uniform on and you step inside of that vehicle and you leave your driveway your life has been put on the line," said Sr. Trooper Darryl Benton, GSP Albany.

Whether it's a deputy, state trooper, or police officer making a traffic stop is considered dangerous until that stop is over. That why when you're pulled over you may be asked to do one of two things.

"We teach them the walk up approach, where they approach the vehicle and get the drivers license of the driver while they're still seated in the vehicle," said Benton.

Senior troopers say, a safer way may be to call the driver out of a vehicle, so you can watch the violator a little closer.

"We also teach them the techniques of asking the driver to step out of the car and step to the rear to get the license from the violator at the same time," said Benton.

If it's a known felon, the situation is handled differently. The violator will be asked to exit the car and usually lie on the ground until they can be secured. Anytime an officer's life is risked, it makes other officers reflect.

"Every time we hear that an officer's been taken down in the line of duty or injured in the line of duty it always hits home to each and every individual, each and every officer of the state of Georgia," said Benton.

It makes everyone more aware just how dangerous a law enforcement officer's job is.

"A majority of time the public seems to be of the opinion that all we do is go out and write tickets and chase tail lights, but we're also out here to enforce the laws of the state of Georgia as well as protect and serve the citizens of the state of Georgia and that comes in putting our life on the line for your life everyday," said Benton.

State Troopers say, recently officer injuries have become more prevalent.



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