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Get ready, pizza people!

February 3, 2006

Albany -- Millions of American will watch the Steelers and Seahawks battle it out in Super Bowl. And a lot of them will have a piece of pizza in their hand.

According to the National Restaurant Association about one in seven Americans will order food for their homes on Sunday, and 58% choose pizza. So pizza makers are getting ready for big businesses.

Rainy weather lights up the phones at Papa John's Pizza. "We get hit hard on rainy days," said Gina Bochette, Papa John's employee.

The Albany pizza maker is busy on typically day, but on Super Bowl Sunday, "It's crazy. Our sales go up 50%."

And deliver worker Gina Bochette says its her craziest day of the year. "Can't stop to eat, can't stop to go to the bathroom, get gas, nothing. You've gotta go, go, go."

"You have to make sure you've got it all before you show up in the morning."

The restaurant prepares in advance, when they can find the time. "We order extra food, Onions, green peppers, you have to have at least for or five buckets ready and waiting."

"You get this panicky feeling that you're not going fast enough. No matter what you do you're not moving fast enough."

To get all those pizzas made and delivered, everybody works. "He has the whole entire crew working that night, the whole crew. Man, it's just wild."

"You look back on the day and breathe a sigh of relief. Just glad it's over," Bochette said.

Of course, chicken wings are the other top seller on Super Bowl Sunday!


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