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Police crack down on skaters

February 2, 2006

Thomasville, Georgia-- Thomasville Police are beginning to enforce a new ordnance aimed at curbing skaters, cyclists, and scooter riders who perform tricks in commercial areas.

If it has wheels you stand on, Nick Bishop will find a way to go wheels up. He’s been skating for about a year now, mostly at a new YMCA skate park in Thomasville. "If we didn’t have this then we should have a public skate park where we could skate," says Bishop.

But Thomasville doesn’t have one, which is why skaters have been commandeering commercial areas, until now. The city just amended its skating ordnance because of complaints. "If the property owner wants skateboarders on their sidewalks and in their parking lots jumping ramps and such, then they have to put up a sign that says they’re allowed to do it," says TPD Sergeant, Rachelle Denmark.

The ordnance used to just cover downtown, but Thomasville has expanded so much the law needed to become more broad than just Broad street. "It also covers rollerblading, scooters, and even bicycles. Bikes are ok as long as they’re not being used for tricks," says Denmark.

Violators could face fines. However, police have partnered with the Y to "card" the daredevils. "They give them this card to get into the skate park for free. So, it gets them into a supervised area," says YMCA Skate Park Director, Gareth Pyle.

A safer, and less expensive option for Bishop and his friends. "It’s fun and it’s something to do in the afternoons,"says Bishop. The prime time for skaters.

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