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Chehaw turtle: Winter to end early

February 2, 2006

Albany -- One of South Georgia's top weather experts says we will not have six more weeks of winter weather. He's not a groundhog, but he is the best shadow reader in Albany.

Sheldon the gopher tortoise at the Parks of Chehaw climbed out of his hole this morning, and did not see his shadow. In fact, rain started to fall on Sheldon as he made his winter weather prediction on Groundhog Day.

The seven-year-old gopher tortoise, which is the state's official reptile, has a perfect record so far on his shadow analysis.

"Who better to predict the upcoming season than somebody that is so in tune with nature right here in the park, than somebody who was born and lived here, and his family for generations," said Chehaw Education Specialist Clint Murphy.

Sheldon saw no shadow this morning, predicting an early spring, but he knew within minutes rain was the main factor in today's weather.


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