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10 Country: Thank you very much

February 2, 2006

Tifton- Many people dislike writing thank-you notes, finding it difficult, on occasion, to sit down and express themselves on paper. But there is one south Georgia woman who writes about 1,500 thank-you notes a year.

In our cold, cruel world, Polly Huff finds it noteworthy to add a little warmth. She'd rather write you a note than call you.

"Part of my every day routine like washing my hands," Polly says. Polly averages about 30 individually composed notes every week,  more than 1500 a year.

"It really doesn't take me that long because I've already composed it in my mind." A sensitive, caring person who makes time to express her appreciation. "I'm just the type of person who finds it special for people to be involved in my life."

She does it the old fashioned way. Each one original, insisting on hand addressing each note. "When you see your name in someone's handwriting, I think it makes you really want to open it and see what's inside."

"It just feels more personal when you have a stamp on it." Polly set high standards for herself. When somebody does something nice for her, she makes sure they get a thank-you note before she sees them again."

And worries about leaving someone out. "I should have thanked that person. I need to remember tomorrow to write that person."

Lynn McDonald often gets one of Polly's notes. "My heart is just delighted," says Lynn. "It's joyful. And, I feel warm. I feel appreciated and I know someone has recognized what I was doing. That someone being Polly."

Who teaches her eight year old daughter, Elizah, to write them. "And she enjoys it. It's just getting her started. She knows what to say."

A second generation thank you note writer, Polly Huff expresses genuine appreciation of others the old fashioned way, with her own stamp of appreciation.

Polly Huff likes to receive thank-you notes as well as write them, getting excited when she sees one in her own mailbox.

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