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Freight cars jump track

February 1, 2006

Albany - A freight train derailed about 11:00AM Wednesday near Ware Street, near U.S. 19 in East Albany. At least five cars ran off the tracks.

The conductor, a 33-year-old Bainbridge man, told emergency workers that he heard the air line burst inside the car. Some of the cars were on their sides, and at least one car was in a ditch.

The cars were loaded with 218,000 pounds each of shelled corn enroute to Camilla. Much of the corn will have to be off loaded before the boxcars can be righted.

One emergency worker said the cross ties in the track looked very worn. There were no hazardous materials aboard the train.

The area of the derailment is wet and soft, and some emergency vehicles were bogged down.


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