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State of the Union falls short for one Katrina evacuee

January 31, 2006

Albany- Many of you listened closely Tuesday night as the President unveiled his agenda. Health care costs and high fuel prices affect all of us, but one Katrina evacuee who had a horrible 2005, hopes the President's promises will ease her burdens this year.

Faye Starnes is most concerned about finding work after losing her job and home to Hurricane Katrina. Tuesday night, she was disappointed in what the President had to say about the job market and the economy.

"I don't agree with it, with the job situation I've seen in the news. A lot of big companies are going down and we need these companies so we can have a good life, we want to live for more than week to week," said Faye Starnes, Katrina Evacuee.

She hoped the President would focus more on easing the burden of higher utility bills. Right now she's receiving help from FEMA to pay her family's bill, but will eventually face that burden herself.

"If you don't have the job to pay your bills where are you going to go, you've got to have the lights and water and you've got to have gas," said Starnes.

The President's promise of tax breaks did strike a chord. After losing income due to the hurricane, Faye says any tax breaks would be welcome and would help many.

"That would be great, like I said it would help a lot of us I believe," said Starnes.

But what concerned Faye most in what she heard, was too much of a focus overseas when she sees so much need here at home.

"It was about over yonder, not about what's happening here. It's more focused over there which I know there's a lot going on over there but, there are a lot of lives over here that's lost everything, they have nothing," said Starnes.

While overall Faye was disappointed with what she heard she hopes that efforts will continue to improve the economy. Faye Starnes is still looking for work in Albany and staying in a home paid for with Hurricane Relief funds.


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