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King friends mourn her death

 January 31, 2006

Albany -- Southwest Georgia friends of Coretta Scott King mourn her death. The 78-year-old widow of Dr. Martin Luther King, Junior died overnight at a clinic in Mexico.

Southwest Georgians who were with Dr. and Mrs King during the height of the civil rights movement in Albany remember her as a woman of courage.

Carol King shows her photographs of Coretta Scott King and Dr. Martin Luther King in Albany in 1962. "She got out there with him. And that's important." KIng said.

King's husband, C. B.King, was Dr. Martin Luther King Junior's lawyer when he was arrested in Albany. She and Coretta Scott King became friends, as forces against the movement threatened their husbands' lives.

King said "People don't know the kind of fear you can experience when you have children, and you don't know from where the problems are going to come."

 Reverend Charles Sherrod also admired how Mrs. King handled the danger her husband faced.  "Wondering whether he was going to live or not. Whether your are going to die this day, having pistols in your face, shotguns in your face, and being hurt physically sometimes."

After Dr. King's assassination in 1968, Coretta Scott King carried on his work, never letting anyone forget his sacrifice. Sherrod said, "She kept italive. She kept non violence alive. Thousands and thousands of people because of the King Center, coming through the King Center, have a a new understanding , a real understanding of what Dr. King was all about."

Carol King says she hopes Coretta Scott King's death will spur young Americans to learn more about the civil rights movement. "Coretta traveled around the world, and she talked about her husband's mission, and it became her mission."

Sherrod and King say that Coretta Scott King should be remembered as the first lady of the civil rights movement, who ensured Dr. King's work for human rights and equality lives on.

 Governor Perdue has ordered flags at all state buildings to be flown at half-staff because of the death of Coretta Scott King and has offered to allow her body to lie in state at the Capitol.